How to link to individual verses within each chapter

Below are the names of the main book files and chapter counts.
Each chapter has a three digit number as the last three of the eight letters in the name.
For example, chapter fifteen of Genesis would be B01GE015.HTM .
To link to Genesis 3, verse 5 the link in your page would be


The word verse must be in lower case.
I plan to write a search script in PERL at my site at
Until then, the programmers out there may find ways to convert the output of other searches to links to this website.
My Bible site there will be
I will upload the seven megs, 1025 files there first. It may take awhile to replace the ones at Delphi.
To see if I have, load a single page and view source; eg. b01ge003.htm .
Good luck. ; 2 April 1997
B01GE.htm Genesis has 50 chapters.
B02EX.htm Exodus has 40 chapters.
B03LE.htm Leviticus has 27 chapters.
B04NU.htm Numbers has 36 chapters.
B05DE.htm Deuteronomy has 34 chapters.
B06JO.htm Joshua has 24 chapters.
B07JU.htm Judges has 21 chapters.
B08RU.htm Ruth has 4 chapters.
B09SA.htm 1 Samuel has 31 chapters.
B10SA.htm 2 Samuel has 24 chapters.
B11KI.htm 1 Kings has 22 chapters.
B12KI.htm 2 Kings has 25 chapters.
B13CH.htm 1 Chronicles has 29 chapters.
B14CH.htm 2 Chronicles has 36 chapters.
B15EZ.htm Ezra has 10 chapters.
B16NE.htm Nehemiah has 13 chapters.
B17ES.htm Esther has 10 chapters.
B18JO.htm Job has 42 chapters.
B19PS.htm Psalms has 150 chapters.
B20PR.htm Proverbs has 31 chapters.
B21EC.htm Ecclesiastes has 12 chapters.
B22SO.htm Song of Solomon has 8 chapters.
B23IS.htm Isaiah has 66 chapters.
B24JE.htm Jeremiah has 52 chapters.
B25LA.htm Lamentations has 5 chapters.
B26EZ.htm Ezekiel has 48 chapters.
B27DA.htm Daniel has 12 chapters.
B28HO.htm Hosea has 14 chapters.
B29JO.htm Joel has 3 chapters.
B30JO.htm Amos has 9 chapters.
B31OB.htm Obadiah has 1 chapters.
B32JO.htm Jonah has 4 chapters.
B33MI.htm Micah has 7 chapters.
B34NA.htm Nahum has 3 chapters.
B35HA.htm Habbakuk has 3 chapters.
B36ZE.htm Zephaniah has 3 chapters.
B37HA.htm Haggai has 2 chapters.
B38ZE.htm Zechariah has 14 chapters.
B39MA.htm Malachai has 4 chapters.
B40MA.htm Matthew has 28 chapters.
B41MA.htm Mark has 16 chapters.
B42LU.htm Luke has 24 chapters.
B43JO.htm John has 21 chapters.
B44AC.htm Acts has 28 chapters.
B45RO.htm Romans has 16 chapters.
B46CO.htm 1 Corinthians has 16 chapters.
B47CO.htm 2 Corinthians has 13 chapters.
B48GA.htm Galatians has 6 chapters.
B49EP.htm Ephesians has 6 chapters.
B50PH.htm Philippians has 4 chapters.
B51CO.htm Colossians has 4 chapters.
B52TH.htm 1 Thessalonians has 5 chapters.
B53TH.htm 2 Thessalonians has 3 chapters.
B54TI.htm 1 Timothy has 6 chapters.
B55TI.htm 2 Timothy has 4 chapters.
B56TI.htm Titus has 3 chapters.
B57PH.htm Philemon has 1 chapters.
B58HE.htm Hebrews has 13 chapters.
B59JA.htm James has 5 chapters.
B60PE.htm 1 Peter has 5 chapters.
B61PE.htm 2 Peter has 3 chapters.
B62JO.htm 1 John has 5 chapters.
B63JO.htm 2 John has 1 chapters.
B64JO.htm 3 John has 1 chapters.
B65JU.htm Jude has 1 chapters.
B66RE.htm Revelation has 22 chapters.