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This is the greatest poem that has come down to us from our Teutonic ancestors. Our only knowledge of it is through the unique MS. in the British Museum.

It has already been translated at least eight times as follows:

1. Kemble, 1837.

2. Thorpe and Arnold (with the O.E. Poem accompanying it).

3. Lumsden, 1881 (in ballad form).

4. Garnett, 1883.

5. Earle, 1892.

6. William Morris and A. J. Wyatt, 1895. This is in poetic form, but abounds in archaisms and difficult inversions, and is sometimes not easy to read or indeed to understand. [188]

7. Wentworth Huyshe, 1907.

8. A translation in 1912. Author unknown.


Table of Contents