Beowulf: Morris and Wyatt The Meaning of Some Words Not Commonly Used Now

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A-banning, the work was (5), orders for the work were given.

Arede (119), possess.

Atheling, prince, noble, noble warrior.

Barm, lap, bosom.

Behalsed (5), embraced by the neck.

Berne, man, warrior, hero.

Bestead (143), served.

Beswealed, scorched, burnt.

Beswinked, sweated.

Birlers, cup-bearers.

Board, shield.

Bode, announce.

Bollen, swollen, angry.

Boot (9), compensation.

Boun (18), made ready.

Braided (147), drew, lifted.

Brim, sea.

Brook, use, enjoy.

Burg, fortified place, stronghold, mount, barrow; protection; protector; family (163).

Byrny, coat of mail.

Devil-dray, nest of devils. Cf. squirrel’s-dray, common in Berks; used by Cowper.

Dreary, bloody.

Dree, do, accomplish, suffer, enjoy, spend (155).

Ealdor, chief, lord.

Eme, uncle.

Eoten, giant, monster, enemy.

Fathom, embrace.

Feeless, not to be atoned for with money.

Ferry, bring, carry.

Fifel, monster.

Flyting, contending, scolding.

Fold, the earth.

Forheed, disregard.

Forwritten, 191 proscribed.

Frist, space of time, delay.

Gar, spear.

Graithly, readily, well.
Halse, neck.

Hand-shoal, band of warriors.

Hery, praise.

Hild-play, battle.

Holm, ocean, sea.

Holm-throng, eddy of the sea.

Holt, wood.

Hote, call.

Howe, mound, burial-mound.

Hythe, ferry, haven.

Kemp, champion, fighter.

Lithe, slope.

Loom, heirloom.

Low (133), flame.

Lyke, body.

Moody, brave, proud.

Nicors, sea-monsters.

Nithing (12), spite, malice.

O’erthinking, overweening, arrogance.

Rail, railings, coat, armour.

Rimed, counted, reckoned.

Sea-lode, sea-voyage.

Sin, malice, hatred, hostility.

Skinked, poured out.

Slot, track.

Staple, threshold.

Stone-bow, arch of stone.

Sty, stride, ascend, descend.

Sweal, burn.

Through-witting, understanding.

Undern, from 9 o’clock till 12 o’clock; “at undren and at middai,” O.E. Miscellany.

Warths, shores, still in use at Wick St. Lawrence, in Somerset.

Wick, dwelling.

Wick-stead, dwelling-place.

Wise, direct, show.

Wit-lust, curiosity.

Worth, shall be.

Wreak, utter.

Wyte, blame, charge with.

Yare, ready.

Yode, went.

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