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Books, Public Domain:

Explorers, Conquests, and the Burning Times

Beowulf, The Oldest Epic in English

Study Tools and Sources for Beowulf

Particularly Interesting Books:

Geronimo's Story of His Life, Ed by S M Barrett
The Prince, by Nicolo Machiavelli
Pedestrianism, by Walter Thom.

European Myths and Legends
Sir Richard Francis Burton Menu including sixteen volumes of The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night
The Sword
Fairy Stories
Grammar Books
H. Rider Haggard Collection
Lord Dunsany
More Great Selections Menu
Philip K. Dick Collection
Potpourri: Including our Edgar Allan Poe Collection
Reference Books
Religious Texts
Robert E. Howard
Science Fiction
Shooting Sports
Books about Sumeria, the cradle of recorded civilization
Weird Tales

Hávamál, Stanza 38, Hollander Translation Video

Access To Sensitive Works

ExactSeek: Relevant Web Search

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