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European Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends of the Norsemen

Asgard Stories , By Mary H Fosterand Mabel H Cummings
Myths Of The Norsemen From The Eddasand Sagas
The Edda I The Divine Mythology Of The North
The Edda II The Heroic Mythology Of The North
The Elder Eddas The Younger Eddas
The Younger Edda
The Volsunga Saga
Told By The Northmen Storiesfrom The Eddasand Sagas , By E M Wilmot Buxton
The Saga Of Grettir The Strong, By Unknown Author
Olaf The Glorious
The Havamal The Book Of Viking Wisdom

Germanic Myths and Legends

Stories Of Siegfried, By Mary Macgregor
Stories Of The Nibelungen For Young People, Arranged By Gertrude R Schottenfels
The Fall Of The Niebelungs, By Unknown
The Nibelungenlied, By Unknown

A Thane Of Wessex, By Charles W_ Whistler
Danes Saxons And Normans, By J_ G_ Edgar
Eric Brighteyes, by H Rider Haggard
In The Days Of Giants A Book Of Norse Tales, By Abbie Farwell Brown
King Alfred's Viking
The Last Of The Vikings, By John Bowling
The Modern Vikings, By Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen
The Story Of Rolf And The Viking's Bow, By Allen French
The Viking Blood, By Frederick William Wallace
The Vikings, By Allen Mawer
Vikings Of The Pacific, By Agnes C Laut
Viking Tales, By Jennie Hall
Wulfric The Weapon Thane, By Charles W Whistler

The Cid: An Epic Poem of Spain

Chronicle Of The Cid, By Henry Morley And Robert Southey
The Cid, By Corneille.
The Cid Campeador; A Historical Romance, By D. Antonio De Trueba
The Lay Of The Cid

Classics of the Ancient World

Helen Of Troy
Tales Of Troy And Greece, By Andrew Lang
The Iliad, By Homer
The Odyssey Of Homer, By Homer
The Story Of Joan Of Arc, By Andrew Lang
The Story Of Joan Of Arc The Witch Saint, By M. M. Mangasarian
The Chaldean Account of Genesis by George Smith

The Ancient Celts

The Celtic Twilight, by W B Yeats
The Religion of the Ancient Celts

More Classics

The Vision of Paradise, Complete, by Dante Alighieri
The Divine Comedy, Hell, by Dante Alighieri, Longfellow's Translation
The New Life, (LaVitaNuova), by Dante Alighieri
ParadiseLost, by JohnMilton
ParadiseRegained, by JohnMilton